I have grown up to become younger

I feel like I have grown up and have become younger..

In your life you will have these moments when your brain and your heart will not agree.
You will put yourself in huge dilemmas.
You will have to choose a path.
And each path will send you on a different direction, a different life..
And eventually you will have to chose..
Because you can't sleep every night with the same thoughts..
But you will not be alone..
You will understand how precious the love you get from your friends and family is.
You will feel grateful for having people around you who can understand you... Understand YOU..
and based on you and your own good will advice you but will not judge you.
You will smile inside you for how grateful you are.
And you will become stronger.
Ready to choose.
But you have to think about everything.
You have to understand what you are feeling.
You have to separate your thoughts and your feelings.
And then you will chose.
You will make decisions for your own good.
And believe me honey... some people will not be happy with your choice.
You will hear many things..
And they will kind of disappoint you..
But you will know that you did what you felt like doing..
 and that is why is the right choice for you..
And in that moment you will feel free..
Cause you took charge in your own life..
You understood who your people are..

You understood that your life is your piece of art..
And only by being true to your self you can experience happiness in your life..


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