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Sometimes you just have to let yourself free..

I had absolutely forgotten how beautifully alive you feel when your mind can't settle down, when your thoughts are torturing you.
I actually feel free cause I know that my mind and my heart love distracting me.
I feel young cause I still have no idea where I'm going and what I'm doing.
I only know that I enjoy each day of my life.
I know that my brain sometimes wants to explode.
I know that I can be a mess.
And its for my best.
I enjoy cause when you feel this way you can find yourself again even if you haven't realised that you've lost it.
It's like your own body, your own mind wake you up with a sweet "hey beautiful you are still young and helpless in front of whatever unexpected life brings you".
I let myself lose control, even if it might hurt
cause it's what I want to do,
is how I create memories.
Intense pure life memories.
Letting my body dance,
letting people discover me,